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Balance & Dizziness Clinic




Dr. Kimberly Hoffman of Advanced Audiology & Hearing Care and Brian E Prell, MSPT, RRT of Rehabilitation and Performance Center are committed to the assessment and treatment of balance related disorders.  Diagnosing the underlying cause of dizziness is a complex problem often requiring several tests that are collectively referred to as a balance function assessment.

Our state of the art facility includes the most sophisticated Videonystagmography (VNG) and Rotary Chair tests in the state of Georgia.  We are thrilled to have this caliber of diagnostic equipment in our clinic coupled with personalized and specific treatment plans of balance rehabilitation to help patients with vertigo and non-vertigo related dizziness.

What is the VNG evaluation?  Videonystagmography (VNG) is a complete diagnostic system for recording and analyzing involuntary eye movements using video imaging technology.

What is Rotary Chair Testing?  Rotary Chair Testing is the gold standard for the diagnosis of bilateral (both) vestibular loss and tells us whether or not the brain has compensated for a loss of inner ear function on one side.  The rotary chair is used with VNG testing to increase accuracy.


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Testimonial Six

"I wanted to share with my many friends and neighbors in the Lake Oconee area my appreciation for Lake Oconee Rehabilitation and Performance Center. As a thirty five year member of the PGA Tour, I know all to well that injuries are inevitable."

~ Tim Simpson
4 time PGA Tour Champion

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Testimonial Five

"I first learned of Brian and Lake Oconee Rehab from my patients who had been referred to him by their orthopedic surgeons after having undergone surgery. They were very happy with their results and with the individualized attention they received from Brian. I then started referring patients to Brian for a variety of diagnoses, including accidents, injuries, post-surgical rehab, chronic back, neck or joint pain, and even dizziness and vertigo."

~ Dr. Vindy Centa, D.O.

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Testimonial Four

"I don't know how you did it; however, I was dealing with shoulder pain for over a month and in one session it decreased by 50%. Amazing!" ~ D.P.
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Testimonial Three

"I still cannot believe the individual treatment that I receive at this clinic. I am blown away at the individual attention that I receive on an ongoing basis!" ~ R.M.  
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Testimonial Two

"When I came here, I noticed each visit that there were other patients with low back pain receiving treatment. More importantly, I noticed that those being treated for low back pain seemed to have their own individualized treatment plan. You have truly set yourself apart." ~ M.B.
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